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Any documentation or coin value estimator can bolster the case for a coin’s authenticity – particularly important given the quality of many modern fakes, often originating in China. Welcome to USA Coin Book, a numismatic haven for coin collectors. At this website, you will be able to easily buy, sell, request and auction off your coin collections. Members can also just keep track of their collection in our easy-to-use online database.

Dealers and Investors from Sovereign nations that are highly popular with both investors and collectors such as the Canadian Maple Leaf, British Sovereigns, French Roosters and Angels, etc. Collection, which consists of loose coins, proof sets, inherited coins and uncirculated. Also, have some old foreign coins I picked up in change.”

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The reason each of those 3 coin value estimator is worth different values has to do with the mintage and relative supply/demand issues of those coins. Use this guide to research the value of your old coins and paper money. If the same coin’s value remains stable at $1 and if the circulating supply increases to 2 million then its total market cap is $2,000,000.

Some of the most beautiful and time-honored U.S. coin designs are seen on silver coinage. Consider, for a moment, the Standing Liberty quarter, Walking Liberty half dollar, and Morgan silver dollar – just three of the many beautiful coin series that the United States Mint has struck over the years. The U.S. silver coin calculator figures total silver value and total silver content based on the amount of silver contained in uncirculated silver coins that have no wear. A circulated silver coin, which does have some wear, will not contain as much silver. You may want to indicate a percentage of that wear in the “Amount of Wear” text box. A value greater than the default of 0 , will reduce the total silver value and total silver weight results accordingly.

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The silver Bid and Ask prices are shown in the lower tier of the silver results box, for those who have an interest in them. EBAY – Ebay has a very active coin market and if you have great pictures and some free time to spare, you can possibly sell your coins on ebay. Selling uncertified coins, or those graded by a company or individuals other than PCGS or NGC, can be a bit more problematic. Most reputable dealers will not offer you anything for uncertified coins sight unseen or simply from looking at photos. There are rare exceptions to this, but generally speaking, if your coins are uncertified you definitely need to find a reputable dealer and follow their procedure for coin submission and/or valuations.

Simply click any link to be taken to your area of interest. There are numerous places on the Internet listing ballpark prices for various coins. Some of the places are accessible at no cost, while others charge a modest fee, but deliver a host of additional benefits.

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Specifically, they want to know what their coins are worth. The World Coin Price Guide is a complete catalog of values for World coins from 1600 to date. Found at, it is the most comprehensive online valuation guide available, and is free to all users.

If you want someone to appraise your paper money, the Society of Paper Money Collectors recommends that you visit a professional currency dealer. Calculate coin metal values based GALA on the current silver price. One great disadvantage of online ebay coin auctions is the tremendous listing fees and final value fees. At USA Coin Book, there are absolutely no listing fees and a very low 2% final value fee.

Multiply the result of the first calculation by the current price of the precious metal in the coin. Wholesale value is the price for which a dealer would sell a coin to another dealer. Wholesale value can also be a discounted price that a dealer would accept from a buyer who is purchasing in large quantities. Market cap of a cryptocurrency is calculated by multiplying the price of the coin / token and its circulating supply.

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We offer reliable real coin melt conversions and hand written stats on each and every coin in our database. In the United States over 70 billion pennies have been minted in the last decade alone. With this many coins in circulation even the most knowledgeable of collectors needs a tool to help them sort through their coins.

Though there are no guarantees, a dealer’s membership in the American Numismatic Association or the Professional Numismatists Guild is a good sign. Both the ANA and the PNG require their members to uphold a strict code of ethics. Mint and Collector’s Corner offers a glossary and other basics on coin collecting. Guide Book of United States Coins (also known as the “Red Book”), is considered the standard reference for U.S. coin values. If your foreign coin or bill is only worth its “face” value, use OANDA to convert its value to U.S. dollars. Kitco gives live market quotes for gold, silver, and other metals that can be used to make this calculation.

What are all the values of coins?

  • 1 penny = 1 cent.
  • 1 nickel = 5 cents.
  • 1 dime = 10 cents.
  • 1 quarter = 25 cents.
  • 1 half dollar = 50 cents.

Authenticity – The fact is, significant numbers of counterfeit coins are sold as authentic coins by unscrupulous people to uninformed buyers. The large numbers of fakes made in China makes this a particularly challenging problem today. Fake coins are worth far less than their authentic counterparts, if they have any worth at all. Rarity – As a general rule, old coins are not necessarily rare.

What is the best way to sell old coins?

There are several options for selling coins online. Arguably the best option is setting up your own ecommerce store as this allows you ultimate control over the selling process. However, you may also choose to sell your coins on online auctions, online marketplaces or to other coin dealers.

So they’re quite common, and there are certainly plenty to go around. Only 484,000 were made, and millions of coin collectors want one. Consider the famous 1909-S V.D.B. cent, which is worth between $750 and $2,500, based on condition. If you are researching the value of an older coin or bill, keep in mind that the country’s name may have changed over time.